Bulkmail correctly and increase profit share - email marketing in todays age

Bulk e-mail correctly and increase profit share - Bulkmail / Email Market correctly and increase profit share - email marketing in todays age

Bulkmail properly and increase profit share

Bulkmail correctly and increase profit share

"How you present your message is as critical to successful communication as the contents of the message itself," - Dawie Hanekom, marketing director at Sulaco New Media

The ability of an organization or company to use e-mail as a strategic business tool and expand market reach is a key differentiator in today's marketplace - but decision makers need reliable advice and support to acquire this advantage.

So claims Dawie Hanekom, marketing director at Sulaco New Media, a specialist provider of strategic business development services that includes web & graphic design, hosting, IT support, direct marketing and sales.

Hanekom and his team of digital / online experts have identified and prioritised the need for assistance to enhance the digital capacity of businesses within the marketplace, and have structured a core element of their service portfolio accordingly.

The introduction of the Sulaco New Media new Email Marketing Solution to the market epitomises the level of meticulous attention to detail and respect for regulation that is required from service providers, those that supply solutions to help organisations manage their e-mail says Hanekom.

"The New Bulkmailer is geared towards sending thousands of emails every day, and adheres to the spamhaus spam filtering rules. This means that when you send out your email marketing newsletter, you can rest assured that it will only reach those recipients to whom it is intended. In accordance with the ITC Bill of South Africa, we use a double OPT-In method to ensure that we only send emails to clients that give permission to receive marketing emails," says Hanekom.

"Every email also has a link that gives the client a way of unsubscribing from any newsletter as soon as they do not want to receive it any more. On top of all this our bulkmail system has been created in such a way that all images that you send are embedded into the HTML email and, as such, will always be displayed - even if the customers email client is set to not download images," he adds.

Another key characteristic of this email system is the fact that it works off HTML templates.  "It removes the guesswork associated with styling intended email and can be customised by trained designers to present company details with the correct look and feel," Hanekom continues.

Specialists at Sulaco New Media provide users with the ability to group customers into any number of groups that can defined at the discretion of the user.

"This is useful if you want to send a targeted marketing mail to only a subsection of your customer database," he adds.

For more information, click through to www.email-marketing.co.za or call 083-567-4090

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